TOP 20 Traffic Exchange Sites

This is our list of TOP 20 TRAFFIC EXCHANGE SITES!

HitLeap is a Traffic Exchange service that helps deliver more website traffic to its numerous customers.
Anyone can participate in the free Traffic Exchange system. When you participate, you will be shown the websites of other members. In return, your website will be viewed by thousands of other active members. Alternatively, you can simply buy a traffic package from us and start receiving website hits within minutes!

promotes your ads to EasyHits4U members. EasyHits4U have delivered billions of ad views and site visits to EasyHits4U members since 2003. Free and easy to use, EasyHits4U is one of the most prominent internet marketing programs on the web with over 1,102,000 members.

3.10KHits is the leading website traffic solution that provides scalable, on-demand results for webmasters FOR FREE since 2011. make it easy for you to gain unlimited visitors to your websites instantly! No web marketing team or expensive advertising campaigns needed.


Quality traffic at Hit2Hit, where traffic is exchanged manually, get your sites seen! Promote your business opportunity, free advertising,

5.Tezak Traffic Power

Tezak Traffic Power is a free to use manual traffic exchange, that provides you with over 11 ways to generate free website traffic.


Over 188600 Members and Growing! Get Paid to Surf the Web Earn Free paid surfing with the Smiley Traffic Generation Exchange.


VastHits is a manual traffic exchange to get more traffic to your website free.
For every 4 members sites you visit, you get 3 visitors to yours.
Simply signup, add your website details and start surfing. It is that easy.


An easy way to get your website shown is to use VikingHits surf option. As a free member (Farmer), your site will get shown once for every two pages surfed.
You can upgrade your membership to (Black Smith) for a small monthly fee and get your site shown twice time for every three page you surf.
For the best surf/view ratio, upgrade your membership to (Warrior) and get your website shown one time for every page you surf.

Otohits is a traffic exchange system. After your registration, you will be able to add your sites. After then, you will need to earn credits by the autosurf we provide to you. Websites will appear and you will earn 1 point for each seconds you stay on the autosurf. Now let it works alone! Credit your site and there will be seen by other users.

Websyndic is an autosurf traffic exchange system, which distributes free visits. Millions visits are exchanged daily by hundreds of members. This system allows you to increase your advertising revenue, your rankings position and more.

11.Quadsites is a free to use Innovative Quad Traffic Exchange with unique features. The site is designed for anybody who wants a Steady Heavy flow of hits to their sites, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for as long as you participate!!! Play games, chat and watch videos all while earning free visitors. Don't have time to wait or surf then check Quadsites store for instant delivery.

12.FreeMilionAutoSurf is a Fully Automatic Traffic Exchange which will bring thousands of Targeted Real Visitors to your site every month. We are not just another Surf Site BUT reward YOU for YOUR work through Daily Surf Bonus where YOU get rewarded, not just for YOUR own effort, BUT also for all those surfers below YOU! We have Monthly Surf Competition, Monthly Referral Competition, Surf and Play Games and you can also Build Your Downline in other programs through too ! All you have to do is sign up for FREE and open your browser and let the system advertise for you.

The Free Manual Traffic Exchange That's Social, Effective AND Fun!
TrafficPunk have Been Innovating And Providing Quality Traffic Since 2006!

Online traffic exchanges can provide your website or affiliate offer with free traffic, Trafficswarm not only does this but much more. Just by creating your free account, you will be able to enter a URL to major search engine submissions such as Google, make a free website yourself, surfing to gain credits to show your free websites more, and improve your website ranking.

Become a TrafficG member and you'll be able to drive free, guaranteed visitors and traffic to any website of your choice! And the cost of this great service? Absolutely NOTHING - NO catches!

StartXchange brings the power of traffic exchanges together with social networking to empower you to build your business to new heights! Swap traffic and business with real people from around the world.

17.Viral Te Co-Op
Viral TE Co-Op is a Traffic Exchange Co-Op that let You forget surfing hundreds of TE a day to get credits. In fact, You only need to surf one or two to get views from hundreds of sites! If You do not want to surf at all, You just need to buy some Viral TE Co-Op Credits, and You can even forget surfing!

If you are looking to gain more traffic to your website HitSafari is your answer. HitSafari has been the top ranked manual traffic exchange since 2003, delivering quality high targeted traffic.

19.Legacy Hits
Get free traffic to your website or blog fast. Get more traffic by simply adding your website for free.

HitLink is a open social network and traffic exchange with the purpose of showcasing your websites, business opportunities products and building connections.

Premium Sites (Very effective);

TieHits traffic exchange is fully responsive ,works perfectly on each and every device.
Just register and start blasting your website with HQ traffic
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    Traffic exchange
    How does it work? The principle is simple: You sign up and go to Traffic copy the urls and receive credits for each click on the link.

    Your website Promotion
    Promote your website here fast, you will get alot traffic to your website, for doing nothing!

    Promotion ways

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