How to increase website traffic

This is basic tutorial on how to increase website traffic, so lets start!

1.First thing that you should do is create website or blog like this one!
So question is, how do i create website or blog?

You can create website using free service like wix,ucoz,or any other service that provides unlimited bandwidth and free domain!

List of free website providers;
List of free domains;
Or create blog here;https://www.blogger.comIf you want to paid for hosting, here is the list of best hosting sites;

Paid domains like; .net, .com, .org;

2.Fill your website with interesting contents!
You must fill your website or blog with interesting contents like movies, forums, music, hardware & software, tutorials and etc... More content u get, people will stay longer on your page!
3.Social Platforms!

Create fan page or group for your website and stay active! Publish at least once a week and be polite!
People do not like inactive or rude adminstrators!

Publishing everyday is a must if you want to get more traffic!
More posts you publish, you are higher in google rank!

5.Advertise your website!You can increase your website traffic by submiting ads!

Join this advertising networks to increase your traffic faster;

Or advertise with hits exchange networks:


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